Serif discounts Affinity creative apps during the COVID-19 pandemic

You can also try the apps free for three months.

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Life as a digital creative might be a little easier if you're working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Serif is trotting out a number of deals for its Affinity apps to help out artists and photographers (and, of course, encourage them to buy software). Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher are now free to try for 90 days. There's no requirement to buy, but you'll get a 50 percent discount for both computer and iPad versions of the apps if you'd prefer to purchase them. Both deals end on April 20th.

On top of this, Serif has promised to recruit over 100 freelance workers for creative projects. More details are coming "soon," the company said. Like other companies, it's hoping to keep people employed during the outbreak to support the community and sustain its potential customers. What it spends now it might recover from artists once life is closer to normal.

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