Apple is reportedly aware of flaky Personal Hotspots in iOS 13

It's not clear when Apple could deliver a fix for the connection problems.

Apple hasn't entirely escaped the flurry of iOS 13 glitches, it seems. MacRumors has reportedly obtained support documents acknowledging ongoing connection problems with the Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 13 and its iPadOS 13 counterpart. Affected users either disconnect frequently or can't connect at all -- a significant problem if you're counting on your device's hotspot as a backup connection. It's not certain just when the issue first manifested, although iPhone and iPad users have reported issues as far back as iOS 13.1.2.

We've asked Apple for comment. The document suggests that you can temporarily work around the issue by switching the Personal Hotspot off and on again, but that's not much consolation if you know it'll just happen again.

The language suggests that Apple is working on a fix. However, it's not certain if iOS 13.4 and its corresponding iPadOS update will take care of the Personal Hotspot problem on March 24th. If not, you may have to sit tight until a proper solution is in place.

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