Netflix's CG 'Ghost in the Shell' series premieres April 23rd

The 3D anime has Major and crew taking on 'posthumans.'

Netflix just gave anime fans a date to mark on their calendar -- at least, if they don't mind a shift away from traditional animation. Netflix has posted a final trailer for Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 that narrows its release to April 23rd. The clip casts the series as a reunion tour of sorts. Major, Batou and others come back to reform Public Security Section 9 as they deal with "posthumans" bent on disrupting the social order. As before, though, the focus for many will probably be the polarizing 3DCG style -- odds are you'll either be fine with it or consider it sacrilege.

An experienced team is there, at lest. Ghost in the Shell series veteran Kenji Kamiyama is directing alongside Shinji Aramaki of Evangelion and Ultraman, while the original cast from the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is back. If you can get past the art style, it might be an entertaining diversion from the chaos of the real world.