YouTube Music brings in-app lyrics to everyone

The feature is now out for Android and iOS.

A few weeks ago, YouTube Music launched a new playback screen alongside an experimental feature that displays lyrics within the Android app. Now, the feature is making its way to everyone using the application. You'll now be able to access static lyrics from within YouTube Music's Android and iOS apps, whether you're a free or a paying user. Sure, you can always just look up the words to a song, but the feature sounds handy if you want to sing along and don't want to fire up your browser.

To see the feature, simply tap the (i) button underneath the video you're currently watching. You'll have to manually scroll down to follow the words -- if they're available. Take note that not all videos come with built-in lyrics even if they were posted by their artists' or record labels' official accounts. Seeing as the feature has only started rolling out, though, that could change in the future.