Nextdoor allows businesses to reach out about pandemic relief efforts

They can link to gift card sites, fundraisers and more.

Facebook isn't the only site that added ways for people to help out their community during the pandemic. Nextdoor is doing the same thing, with several new updates that'll let you and fellow community members lend a hand to local businesses that might be in need.

Starting today, local merchants can update their Business Profile pages with different methods of assistance. They can add a gift card website address, add a page that instruct users how to buy gift cards if the latter isn't available, and if they want, will now be able to add a GoFundMe campaign link in the Story section.

For restaurants in particular, the Business page can also be customized for take-out and delivery options through services like DoorDash, Grubhub or Uber Eats. Businesses that have been designated as a "Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite" by the community will also be able to post updates to the main news feed, which is a good place to share information like new store hours or different services.

Last but not least, Nextdoor has added a Coronavirus Resource Center for local business owners to get other news and advice that they can use to help boost their business. This follows a recent Nextdoor update where it added Help Maps and Groups to connect neighbors during the pandemic.