Is the NookPhone good or bad for your Animal Crossing island?

Leave a real user review for this very fictional product.

No, you're not hallucinating and this isn't a late April Fool's joke. That is in fact, the NookPhone from Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the top of this post. It's safe to say that the game has really taken off in the two weeks since its release. It's the perfect salve for our troubled era, and a great way to kill time when you're stuck at home.

One of the new — and slightly controversial — features is the NookPhone. This in-game device has a lot of the same functions as a real smartphone, including a camera, map and chat log. It's also your guide to all the stuff you've collected in the game. And then there's the Nook Miles+ app and its ever present to-do list. (As if we didn't have enough notifications to worry about in real life, now we have to worry about them on our fantasy island too?)

As you can see, we've made a product page for the NookPhone and, if you have any particularly strong feelings about it, we'd love to read your user reviews. Treat it like a real phone: Do you like the look of the device and wish you could hold one in real life? What about the camera features? Is Critterpedia easy to browse? How could the custom design tool be better? Of course, this is a chance to also weigh in on the game itself if you'd like to.

If you're not into writing up reviews of fictional handsets, we also have plenty of real products in our database for you to opine on as well. We know a lot of you have been picking up a Switch Lite to play ACNH on as well — how's that working out for you? Let us know the deets about either the game or system and we may feature your comments in an upcoming review roundup post.

Note: Yes, comments are closed on this post. Please go to the NookPhone product page to leave your reviews, or Mr. Resetti might yell at you.