Google Fi temporarily increases data limits to 30GB per month

After 30GB, customers are subject to Fi's usual throttling.


Like the major telecom providers, Google recognizes that people are spending more time on their phones during the coronavirus pandemic. To help meet that demand, Google Fi is doubling the data its customers can use before they are downgraded to 2G speeds or forced to pay an additional $10 per gigabyte for the rest of the billing cycle.

Previously, users on the Flexible plan had 15GB of top-speed data per month. Once they used that, they'd be downgraded to 256kbps or asked to pay extra for more gigabytes, Phone Arena explains. Unlimited customers could use 22GB of top-speed data. Now, all customers have access to 30GB of data per month before their service slows or they have to hand over more cash.

Google says the changes are temporary, but since no one knows how long this pandemic will last, it hasn't shared an end date. Google Fi is also temporarily extending the payment grace period. Fi customers now have 60 days to make a late payment before their service is cut off.

Other companies have taken similar steps. AT&T is offering $15 plans, lifting data caps and adding an extra 15GB of mobile hotspot data to select plans. T-Mobile launched a $15 5G plan, and Verizon (Engadget's parent company) is giving customers extra data.