AMC's free streaming TV includes 'The Walking Dead' and 'MST3K'

You won't need a subscription to watch some of AMC's TV offerings online.

AMC is joining the ranks of high-profile TV networks in streaming shows for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. To start, it's making the first half of The Walking Dead's tenth season free to watch from the AMC website and apps until May 1st. IFC, meanwhile, is offering free full seasons of comedy shows throughout April, including Mystery Science Theatre 3000. BBC America is offering free nature documentaries like Attenborough and the Giant Elephant, while SundanceTV's first season of Liar and other shows will be available until April 14th.

As with HBO and other channels offering freebies, this is as much a promotional tool as it is a way to keep people entertained while they stay at home. It's clearly hoping you'll subscribe to see the rest. Still, this might fit the bill if you're eager for things to watch and can't justify (or are simply bored with) paid streaming services.