Apple may bring 'real' home screen widgets to iOS 14

You could get at-a-glance info without visiting a dedicated screen.

Widgets have been present in iOS for years, but they're usually on a dedicated screen rather than wherever you want them to be, as with Android. Soon, however, you might have that flexibility. As part of an ongoing string of code leaks, 9to5Mac has reportedly discovered that Apple is developing a 'real' widget system for iOS 14. Codenamed "Avocado," the feature would let you place widgets anywhere on your home screen as if they were app icons. The 9to5 crew warned there was a chance Apple could cut the feature (say, due to development time).

The news may be supported by Twitter user Dongle's recent post hinting at a new approach to wallpaper in iOS 14. Supposedly leaked screenshots of the wallpaper settings include a "home screen appearance" category that would allow for smart dynamic wallpapers that can be blurred, dark or flat-colored on demand. In theory, that could help widgets stand out if your usual background is too busy.

We wouldn't count on absolute flexibility like on Android, where you have resizable widgets and the option to place app shortcuts virtually anywhere on the home screen. If this new widget approach reaches iOS 14, though, it could go some way toward courting users who feel that iOS' home screen interface has remained largely unchanged for years.