8BitDo is making a wireless controller for the TurboGrafx-16 mini

It comes out on May 20th.


When Konami's TurboGrafx-16 mini finally makes its way to store shelves sometime later this year, you'll be able to kit it out with a wireless controller courtesy of retro peripheral maker 8BitDo. On Tuesday, the company announced a new wireless controller for the upcoming mini console. Naturally, it will work with the PC Engine and CoreGrafx as well. This being an 8BitDo release, it's also compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

The company will sell the peripheral in three different colors, with the white and blue models modeled after the TurboGrafx-16’s overseas counterparts. So if you plan to go out of your way to get either the PC Engine mini or CoreGrafx mini, you can get a matching controller. The company claims the built-in 180mAh battery will get you about 18 hours on a single charge. It also features an integrated home button.

Not one to ever miss out on a retro release, 8BitDo has announced Sega Genesis and SNES-inspired controllers in the past. The company also has an adorable Switch controller that you can attach to a keychain. You can pre-order 8BitDo's latest creation starting today on Amazon for $25 before it becomes officially available on May 20th.

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