Jef Reahard
- Managing Editor
Jef is an author, pilot, and scruffy looking nerf-herder, not necessarily in that order.  When he's not writing for Massively or slipping the surly bonds of earth, he dreams of the perfect Cool Ranch Dorito. Lost Continent is his fault, and he's the creator of Massively's MMO Burnout, Rewind, Stick and Rudder, Chaos Theory, The Firing Line, Some Assembly Required, Community Detective, Wings Over Atreia, The Anvil of Crom, and the Alter Ego web comic. He's covered SWTOR, Elder Scrolls, EverQuest II, and Darkfall at length, and he has an incurable case of MMO wanderlust. You'll occasionally find him atop Massively's Soapbox.

Articles By Jef Reahard

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