Adobe previews AI-powered ‘Sky Replacement’ tool for Photoshop

It will bring a golden-hour glow to any image.

kieferpix via Getty Images

An impressive sky can make all the difference in a photo, especially a golden hour sunset. If anyone knows this, it’s Adobe. Today, Adobe showed off a new Sensei-powered AI Sky Replacement tool that will arrive in Photoshop soon. The tool makes it easy to replace drab skies with more dramatic backgrounds.

In the Sky Replacement window, you’ll see a menu of pre-loaded options to choose from, or you can add your own files. You’ll be able to expand the thumbnail previews and see file names and dimensions.

Adobe’s AI will do some of the heavy lifting, blending the foreground of your image to match the sky. If you’re using a warm image of a sunset, the AI will add warm, golden hues to your image. If you’re using a midday sky, the AI will adjust the brightness, contrast and shadows to match.

This is just one of many Sensei AI tricks. The AI also brings Photoshop tricks to your phone, smooths out blemishes and makes object selection even easier. We’ll learn more about Sky Replacement and other Sensei-powered features at the next free, virtual Adobe Max beginning on October 20th.