Adobe Max 2020 will be virtual and free for all

The three-day event begins October 20th.

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Adobe Max 2020
Adobe Max 2020

Like most conferences, Adobe Max will be virtual this year. It will also be completely free. The three-day event kicks off on October 20th, and registration is now open.

The full lineup includes content demos, feature previews, musical performances and celebrity appearances. Attendees will hear from Ava DuVerney, Keanu Reeves, Anne Leibovitz and Tyler, the Creator. By signing up early, you’ll get a chance to win a t-shirt, be able to build your schedule early, gain access to instructor files and more. 

Since last year’s Max event, Adobe has made it easier to share Creative Cloud files via Gmail, added new browser shortcuts and temporarily allowed educators to share Creative Cloud access with distance learners. Adobe also added a handful ofnew Photoshopfeatures and introduced a Photoshop camera for iOS and Android. At this year’s event, we may see Adobe preview its new Photoshop tagging feature, which will make it easier to identify edited images.

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