Artists can bake verification into their NFTs using Photoshop

Buyers will know digital art is authentic.


If you're going to buy NFT art, it's important to know that you're buying the real thing — and Adobe thinks it can help. It's updating Photoshop on the desktop with a beta Content Credentials feature that, among other upgrades, helps you establish the authenticity of your NFTs. Once artists link their crypto wallets and social media accounts to Content Credentials, buyers can check that the wallet used to produce artwork is the same wallet that minted it.

Adobe has partnered with a handful of NFT marketplaces to enable the feature, including KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare. There's no mention of whether or not other marketplaces will participate in the future.

Content Credentials can be helpful even if you're uninterested in NFTs. An opt-in Photoshop feature attaches edits and identity info to images, adding transparency and (hopefully) quashing concerns about deception. Adobe Stock assets now include credentials, and they'll be visible in Behance. Adobe also hopes to release an open source developer kit that lets anyone fold Content Credentials into their products, expanding its use well beyond Creative Cloud users.

There's little doubt Adobe wants to become a mainstay of the NFT world with this move. All the same, it could be genuinely important if the technology continues to grow. The value of NFT art is highly dependent on its authenticity. The Photoshop addition could help more artists 'stamp' their projects, not to mention save time.