Amazon offers steep discounts on a host of Echo speakers

The Dot, Flex, Plus and Studio are all on sale.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Amazon is known to discount an Echo device every now and then, but now? It’s going all-out. The internet retailer is running a sale for many of its smart speakers, and in some cases they’re steep bargains. The drops are sharp enough that they may be just what you need to get started on a smart home, or to finish a setup that might have been too costly before.

Echo Studio with Hue bulb

The best deal may be for an Echo Studio (pictured above) bundled with a Philips Hue bulb — you can buy it for $170, or $60 off. It clearly has the best sound quality of the Echo lineup, and it supports both high-resolution audio as well as home theater integration. The Hue bulb makes it that much more tempting if you’re looking to dip your toes into smart lighting.

Buy Echo Studio with Hue bulb on Amazon - $170

Echo Dot (3rd-gen with clock)

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

Another bargain sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. Amazon is selling the Echo Dot with clock for a mere $35, or $25 off. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen outside of lightning deals, and makes it an obvious choice if you want a bedside alarm clock or just a simple speaker for controlling your household.

Buy Echo Dot with clock on Amazon - $35

Echo Plus (2nd-gen) with Hue bulb

Amazon Echo Plus (second-generation)

If you can’t justify splurging on the Studio, the second-generation Echo Plus will get you most of the way there for $100 with a free Hue bulb, or $70 off. It still sounds good (especially for its size), and it includes both a Zigbee hub and a temperature sensor to serve as the heart of a smart home setup.

Buy Echo Plus with Hue bulb on Amazon - $100

Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex
Nicole Lee/Engadget

There’s even a sale for you if you only need the bare minimum for voice control. Amazon is selling the Echo Flex for just $17.49 — about 30 percent off. You aren’t going to use this for music, but the smart socket may be just what you need to bring Alexa control to an underserved room without chewing up much space. There’s even a USB-A port if you need to charge your phone.

Buy Echo Flex on Amazon - $17.49

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