Amazon's Echo Look fashion camera will stop working on July 24th

You can get an Echo Show 5 for free as compensation.


We hope you wren’t leaning on Amazon’s Echo Look for fashion advice — you’ll have to find an alternative soon. Amazon has confirmed to (via TechCrunch) that that it’s shutting down Echo Look functionality on July 24th. Simply put, the company no longer feels the Look is necessary given recent changes. Now that Style by Alexa features have found their way into Alexa devices and the Amazon Shopping app, “it’s time to wind down” the Look, a spokesperson said. You can read the complete statement below.

You aren’t completely stranded if the smart camera was a mainstay of your morning routine. Android Central notes that Amazon is notifying at least some Look owners that they can get a free Echo Show 5 if they add the connected display to their cart and use the code ECHOLOOK20 by September 24th. It’s not clear if every customer is getting that offer, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

The Echo Show 5 can cover many of the fashion features, and offers things the Look didn’t have — including, of course, a screen. Still, this may not be reassuring to some users. Amazon is effectively disabling a product customers paid $200 for, and replacing it with a considerably lower-cost (if still very capable) device. It’s a reminder that internet-dependent hardware isn’t guaranteed to work forever, and that companies can cut you off with little notice if a service doesn’t make financial sense.