Amazon Glow is a kid-focused video call device with interactive activities

The device can project a 19-inch touch-sensitive play space.


Amazon's latest product is about creating more interactive video calling experiences for kids. Announced today at the company's fall hardware event, Glow is actually two devices in one. It combines an 8-inch LCD teleconferencing display with a projector that creates a 19-inch touch-sensitive space. Parents, relatives and grandparents can connect to the device through the accompanying Glow mobile app, allowing them to interact with the projected playspace remotely.

Amazon Glow

The inclusion of object scanning allows kids to turn toys and other items into digital stickers they can use in the various activities that come with the device. Glow also includes a physical privacy toggle that disables its included microphones and cameras. Amazon partnered with Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon and Sesame Street to create games and other interactive content for Glow. Outside of games, Amazon says there are thousands of children's books for your kids to read. They can also use the device to draw.

Amazon will release Glow to early-access customers in the coming weeks. Initially, the device will cost $249.99 before it increases to $299.99. Each Glow comes with a mat, mat case, one year of complimentary access to Amazon Kids+ and Tangram Bits. Additionally, each device features a two-year worry-free guarantee. If your kid somehow breaks their Glow, Amazon will replace it for free.

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