Amazon's Luna game streaming platform is now in early access

A small number of players can try out the service starting today.

Just a few weeks after Amazon revealed its game streaming service Luna, it's now in early access. The company said hundreds of thousands of people applied for a spot in the program, and a small number of them will receive invitations starting today. More people will be invited to try Amazon Luna in the coming months.

Amazon's looking for feedback from folks who are checking out Luna in early access. They'll be able to try more than 50 games on the Luna+ Game Channel (which costs $6/month, at least for now). They'll also be able to play the likes of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla through the Ubisoft Channel, which will be available soon.

Luna works on Fire TV, PC and Mac, and through web apps on iPhone and iPad. Android support is on the way.

Those who snag an early access spot can play with any Bluetooth controller that’s compatible with their device. Otherwise, Amazon has its own peripheral, the Luna Controller, which offers lower latency by connecting directly to the game in the cloud rather than through the device you’re playing on. The Luna Controller, which costs $50 during early access, has built-in Alexa voice control as well.

For a deeper look at Luna, which also has Twitch integration, check out our preview.

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