Amazon Luna lets Prime members play Ubisoft PC games they own for free

You can use the service to play Ubisoft games you had on Stadia.

Since Amazon first announced its Luna cloud gaming service in 2020, Ubisoft has been one of the company’s closest partners. The publisher embraced the service early and came out of the gate with a dedicated channel. Now the two companies are deepening their partnership with an expansion of what you can do with Luna.

Starting today, it’s possible to stream Ubisoft games you already own on PC through Luna. You'll need an active Prime or Luna+ subscription to do so, as well as a set of linked Amazon Luna and Ubisoft Connect accounts. Once you have those in place, you can play your existing purchases wherever Luna is available, including on Fire TV devices, Chromebooks and phones.

The list of compatible titles features some of Ubisoft’s best-known games, including Watch Dogs: Legion, Riders Republic and nearly every Assassin’s Creed game you could ever want to play. There are also a few older gems on the list, such as Beyond Good and Evil and Child of Light. A Ubisoft spokesperson told Engadget the offer extends to games the publisher allowed Stadia users to transfer to PC after Google announced the service was shutting down.

At first glance, Ubisoft letting PC players use Luna without paying for its channel may not make much business sense, but there’s an element of smart marketing to the plan. The best way for a company to attract new customers to a service is to give them the opportunity to use it and see the value in it themselves. After using Luna to play games you previously purchased, you may come out of the experience more inclined to subscribe to the Ubisoft channel. That would be a win for the publisher.

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