‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ is getting spooky for Halloween

The Fall update for the game lands on September 30th.


If you’ve spent the last few months building a perfect world inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you don’t want to miss the gothiest holiday of the year. That’s why Nintendo is updating the title for Fall, with new goodies for Halloween, including character options, DIY projects and even pine cones. Users will be able to grow pumpkins, witchy outfits and even body paint and eye contacts in preparation for spooky season.

One your outfit and home is suitably decorated, you can get ready for an evening of fun after 5pm on October 31st. Your neighbors will gather in the plaza to celebrate the arrival of Jack, the “czar of Halloween,” who will hand out rewards in exchange for lollipops and candy. Sadly, Nintendo has not allowed you to go on a shopping spree through Hot Topic to get a new Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie.

At the same time, Nintendo is returning Animal Crossing Amiibo Series 1-4 cards to selected retailers for a retail price of $5.99 per pack. As before, the cards will let players collect cards and, hopefully, find characters that they want to invite to live on their island. Oh, and if you’ve slept on the whole trend, Nintendo will sell you a New Horizons-branded switch for $300, with pastel green and blue Joy-Cons and a white Switch dock with Tom Nook’s face plastered all over it.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fall update will be available to download on September 30th, with the next update scheduled for late November.