'Apex Legends' Emergence trailer shows off new playable character Seer

See what to expect once the new season starts on August 3rd.

Respawn Entertainment / EA

As promised, Respawn Entertainment has shared a gameplay trailer showing off some of the more significant changes coming to Apex Legends as part of its upcoming Emergence season, which is slated to get underway on August 3rd. Right off the bat, we’re treated to a look at the new version of World’s Edge. Respawn has tweaked the battleground to add a molten lava fissure that runs through the center of the map.

The studio says it did this in part to make combat encounters that take part in and around the Sorting Facility, one of the main points of interest in World’s Edge, more dynamic, with a greater emphasis on close-quarters action. Another major element of the redesign is the addition of gondolas at two of the new points of interest. According to Respawn, the idea here was to replicate some of the “dynamic gameplay” that trains offered in the original version of the map.

Outside of the redesigned World’s Edge, we also get to see the game’s new Rampage LMG in action, which will allow players to knock down doors from a distance. Towards the end of the clip, Seer, Apex’s latest playable character, makes his entrance. His kit allows you to narrow in on your opponents by tracking their heartbeats while aiming down the sights of your weapon. If you find an enemy, you can send a swarm of microdrones to hunt them down. Players can avoid detection by Seer by moving slowly. During EA’s Play Live event last week, Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier said he believes the character will help vary the pace of matches, forcing players to move more methodically when Seer is on the other team.

Apex Legends is available to play for free on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.