Amazon knocks $200 off Apple's 512GB MacBook Pro M1

It's a return to its record-low price.

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

Apple's laptops already start off on the expensive end of the spectrum, but add things like more storage or RAM and you'll quickly pay even more. But now you can save on the 512GB version of the latest MacBook Pro M1 if you go through Amazon — the only retailer has the laptop for $1,300, or $200 off its normal price. The notebook has a discounted price of $1,350, but an automatically applied coupon will take another $50 off.

Buy MacBook Pro M1 (512GB) at Amazon - $1,300

The MacBook Pro M1 performs similarly to the MacBook Air M1, which is to say that it's blazing fast and remarkably efficient. Where the Pro M1 lacks in lightness it makes up for in extra power — it has a better GPU than the Air M1 and it does include a fan. While the Air M1's lack of fan noise is a perk, we appreciate the better cooling system on the Pro M1, and it will likely come in handy more when you're pushing the machine to its limits.

The MacBook Pro M1 also has a slightly brighter screen and a TouchBar, both of which are nice perks albeit not must-haves for everyone. But the Pro M1 did impress with its battery life: it lasted about 16.5 hours in our testing, so it should serve you well all day long and then some.

But there are a few limitations that are worth considering before you pick up the latest MacBook Pro. Those who use multiple monitors will be disappointed that the Pro M1 only supports one external display right now and it has no external GPU support at all. But if you can look past that and like the extra power and cooling the Pro M1 provides, Amazon's sale is a great one to consider.

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