Apple's AirPods Pro drop to a record low $194 price at Amazon

It's the best deal we've seen just about anywhere.

Billy Steele/Engadget

Apple’s AirPods Pro finally appear to have cracked the $199 price barrier. Amazon is selling the true wireless earbuds for $194, an all-time low and well below the official $250 sticker. It’s not certain how long this will last, so you might want to act quickly if you’re looking for buds to soundtrack your workouts or tune out the world.

Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon - $194

The positives and caveats still apply. These are the best-sounding Apple earbuds, and they offer a considerably better fit (with water resistance, no less) than regular AirPods. The active noise cancelling also fundamentally changes the experience if you want to eliminate background noise. They’re still very easy to set up, and recent feature additions like automatic device switching (for Apple devices, that is) and spatial audio give them advantages that are harder to find on some rivals.

The AirPods Pro still make the most sense within the Apple ecosystem. You can use them with Android and Windows hardware, but you’ll lose “hey Siri,” spatial audio and other perks. The touch controls can be awkward, and the relatively limited settings are buried in iOS. There’s also the matter of pure audio quality. While AirPods Pro were pleasant to our ears, you might prefer options like Sony’s WF-1000XM3 or Jabra’s Elite 75t if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of convenience for a potentially better sound.

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