Apple's Clips video editor on iPad adds mouse and trackpad support

You can also duplicate and split up videos in the latest version of the app.

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iPad with keyboard and trackpad

Apple’s Clips video creation app now supports mouse, trackpad and Bluetooth keyboard inputs on iPad, as long as you’re running iPadOS 13.4 or later. Along with a number of other features included in the latest update, that'll greatly expand your options for making killer videos.

You'll be able to create a carbon copy of a clip (including all of the effects) with the Duplicate button, or chop it into parts with the Split tool. Apple also suggests you can "make stickers pop on and off the screen" by applying them to a section of a clip you’ve split

Speaking of stickers, there are 11 more animated Mickey and Minnie Mouse stickers to choose from, along with updated 8-bit stickers. There's also a new Game Over poster (to complete that ‘80s arcade vibe) and a floral Springtime one. The updated Clips app includes under-the-hood performance and stability improvements as well.

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