Apple adds workouts for new parents to Fitness+

The company is adding seven videos in a series titled "Get back to fitness after having a baby."


Apple continues to expand its Fitness+ workout video service with more content catering to people with different needs and lifestyles. Today, the company is adding seven ten-minute videos for new parents, in a series called "Get back to fitness after having a baby." The activities are a mix of core, strength and Apple's "Mindful Cooldown" workouts that are led by Fitness+ trainer Betina Gozo, who is a new mom.

Like other videos in the service, the new workouts also feature modification guidance for those who want a greater challenge or prefer to take it slower. The mindful cooldowns offer stretches that target common post-pregnancy tight spots, while the core sessions also include pelvic floor exercises.

Of course, new parents should not feel any pressure to "get back to fitness" on any schedule other than what they're comfortable with. In Apple's introduction video to the new content, Gozo makes it clear that viewers should take things at their own pace, and make sure to get the go-ahead from their healthcare provider before engaging in strenuous activity.

The new workouts are available in Fitness+ starting today, which, as a reminder, costs $10 a month. You'll need to have an Apple Watch to use the service.