Apple Fitness+ will add an audio-based running feature on January 10th

A curated series of workouts and meditations called Collections debuts on the same day.


Apple isn't slowing down when it comes to new features for Fitness+. It announced several more that will be added on January 10th, including Time to Run. That's a spin on the Time to Walk experience, in which celebrity guests provide narration and a playlist to accompany walks.

The aim of Time to Run is to help folks "become more consistent and better runners." It taps into some popular running routes from various cities, and features playlists designed to evoke the spirit of those locations and match the intensity and coaching of each run. The first three episodes that drop on Monday are based on London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. A new episode will debut each week.

Rather than celebrity guests, familiar Fitness+ trainers will lead Time to Run sessions. On your Apple Watch, you'll be able to see photos taken by the trainer along their route. You can view these images in the workout summary and save them to your photo library. For those who use a wheelchair, the feature will be renamed Time to Run or Push, and they'll be able to select either a run or an Outdoor Push Running Pace workout.

Apple told Engadget that Time to Run episodes each last around 30 or 60 minutes, which is longer than the typical Time to Walk runtime of 25 to 40 minutes. Other fitness apps offer audio-guided running features, such as Aaptiv, Nike+Run Club and Runtastic. Apple isn't exactly breaking new ground here, but Fitness+ users will have another option for working up a sweat.

Apple Fitness+ Collections displayed on an iPad.

Also on January 10th, Apple will roll out Collections. It's a curated series of workouts and guided meditations pulled from the Fitness+ library. The feature will suggest plans to help folks make intentional training choices in the following days and weeks. Six Collections will be available at the outset, including Run Your First 5K, Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses and Wind Down for a Better Bedtime.

On the same day, the third season of Time to Walk will premiere. The latest batch of guests include Rebel Wilson, Bernice A. King, Chris Meloni and Hasan Minhaj. Episodes will be added on a weekly basis. More Artist Spotlight workouts will be available on Monday too, featuring music from Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira and an upcoming group named The Beatles.

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