iOS 14.2 is out with more inclusive emoji and Shazam controls

The update also adds new controls for AirPlay 2 and intercom support for HomePod.

Apple’s iOS 14.2 update has dropped. The update, which is rolling out now to iPhones and iPads, brings Shazam into the Control Center, new AirPlay 2 controls, expanded intercom support for HomePod and more than 100 new emoji characters.

Among the new emoji are several new animals (black cat, seal, buffalo), foods items (bubble tea, olive), and a number of new gender-inclusive versions of existing characters. It also adds the transgender flag, “people hugging,” “smiling face with tear” and a new “disguised face” smiley.

The new emoji in iOS 14.2.

For HomePod users, the update comes with expanded support for the new intercom feature. With the 14.2 update you can now broadcast a message to your household directly from your iPhone or iPad, making it more useful to people who don’t have multiple speakers. and, if you have an Apple TV 4K , you can now use your HomePod for surround sound.

The iOS 14.2 release also marks the first major integration with Shazam since Apple acquired the app two years ago. With the change, you can now ID songs with Shazam directly from a Control Center shortcut. Previously, the only way to use Shazam natively was via Siri.

Finally, the update adds new AirPlay 2 controls for media playback, which you can access from the lock screen or Control Center. The change brings bigger cover art, and makes it easier to control audio streaming to other devices in your house.

The update also comes with the usual bug fixes, including a number of potentially annoying issues with Apple’s apps, and a problem with wireless charging.