Apple's 256GB iPad Air is on sale for $549

Save $100 on the best all-around iPad you can buy.

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Amazon has discounted the 256GB model iPad Air to $549. When you visit the retailer's iPad Air product page, you'll see the price listed at $620. Combined with Amazon’s lower starting price, you'll get the discount through a $70 coupon that's automatically applied at checkout for a total savings of $100. Another thing to keep is you can still take advantage of the promo even though the 256GB model is out of stock at the moment. However, that does mean you won't be able to get the tablet delivered before Father's Day. One last thing to note is only the space gray model is part of the promotion.

Buy Apple iPad Air at Amazon - $549

While it's possible to pick up the entry-level iPad on sale frequently, it's not often we see the more expensive Air get a discount. What's more, $549 is the lowest price we've seen on the 256GB model, making this an excellent opportunity to pick up an iPad Air. 

We gave the iPad Air a score of 90. In short, the iPad Air is the best all-around tablet Apple sells. It features a bigger and better display than the company's more affordable 10.2-inch iPad. It also comes with a modern processor and support for Apple's Smart Keyboard case. Another significant improvement is that the screen is laminated to the front glass, which eliminates the air gap you see on cheaper tablets.

But there are places where it cuts corners. Despite sharing the same design as the 2017 iPad Pro, the iPad Air doesn't include the ProMotion 120Hz display technology that Apple includes in its top-of-the-line tablets. As a result, everything looks less fluid on the iPad Air than on the iPad Pro. If you want to use a stylus with the iPad Air, you also have to put up with the first-generation Apple Pencil -- you know, the one you plug into a Lightning port to charge. Overall, those are small nitpicks on what is otherwise a great device, particularly at its current price point.

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