Apple One bundle offers Arcade, Music, TV+ and iCloud for $15 a month

You can add Fitness+ and News+ for an extra cost.


The rumors were true. At its September event today, Apple officially announced its “Apple One” subscription bundle: a combination of Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and iCloud (50GB) for $14.95 (£14.95) a month. That’s the individual plan, but there’s a Family plan for up to six people. It’s $19.95 (£14.95) per month, but it includes 200GB of iCloud storage. Individual users will access each service with their own accounts and personalized preferences. If you want to add Apple’s newly announced Fitness+ subscription, you can do so for $29.95/month. That most-expensive or Premier tier also includes Apple News+ and 2TB of iCloud storage.

Apple One will offer free 30-day trials for any services you don’t already use. The company says you’ll only see one invoice a month, and of course, it promises you can easily cancel anytime you want. Apple One Individual and Family plans will be available “this fall” in over 100 countries, but the Premier plan will only be available in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US (where Apple News+ is available).

In addition to convenience, Apple is saving you some money with the bundle. The Individual plan will save you $6 a month, while the Family option offers a savings of $8 monthly. If you splurge for the Premier tier, you’ll save $25 a month. To be clear, all of those figures are compared to paying for each service individually. And lastly, if you pay for Apple One with your Apple Card, you’ll earn three percent cashback.

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