Apple is reopening more stores but you'll need a face mask to enter

You might also be checked for your temperature and any symptoms.

Sean Rayford via Getty Images

Apple is set to open 25 more stores in the US and 12 in Canada, but be prepared to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines if you want to enter. For one thing, face masks will be required and will be provided if you don’t have one. Temperature checks will also be conducted at the door, and “posted health questions will screen for those with symptoms — like cough or fever — or who have had recent exposure to someone infected with COVID‑19,” Apple wrote in its store opening letter.

Last month, Apple closed all its stores due to the coronavirus pandemic and only started reopening them last week in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. The company said it evaluated data like local COVID-19 cases, along with “near and long-term trends and guidance from national and local health officials.” It added that stores could close just as quickly as they reopened if dictated by local conditions.

Stores will offer Apple pickup to allow customers to buy online and pickup the product at a designated time, along with Genius Bar appointments by reservation. Some will also offer only curbside or storefront service, so you’ll need to check the local website for each location. Apple is also enforcing steps like social distancing and will use a full-time janitorial staff to clean the stores every hour. Products submitted to the Genius bar will be cleaned thoroughly at intake and pickup.

The 25 stores will open in seven states, according to 9to5Mac, including in California, Washington, Florida, Colorado, Hawaii and Oklahoma. It’s also set to open 12 stores across Canada and 10 in Italy.

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