Apple's second-gen AirPods fall back to $100

At 37 percent off, it's the second lowest price we've seen.


A number of Apple's sound products are on sale right now at Amazon including the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro, but the best deal is to be found on the second generation AirPods. They're now on sale for just $100 or 37 percent off, the second-best deal we've seen on them since Black Friday.

Buy second-gen Apple AirPods at Amazon - $100

The second-gen AirPods lack the active noise cancellation of higher-end models but still deliver solid sound quality and good battery life — up to five hours and a few charges with the included case. The biggest benefit is available to Apple users, as the H1 chipset allows you to connect in seconds and switch quickly between an iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The biggest difference with the latest third-gen AirPods is improved comfort for more users in the latter model.

Apple AirPods Pro on sale at Amazon

The AirPods Pro, meanwhile, are on sale for $180, or 28 percent off the regular price. They're Apple's best-sounding earbuds, offering great clarity, refined bass tones and Apple's spatial Dolby Atmos audio. The active noise cancellation (ANC) is highly effective, blocking enough noise that you don't have to crank up the sound excessively. Battery life is also solid, with up to 4.5 hours on a charge with ANC turned on. Other features include a transparency mode so you can talk to others, touch controls, and the ability to switch quickly between Apple devices.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro at Amazon - $180

AirPods Max on sale Amazon

Finally, Apple's AirPods Max headphones are on sale for $449 ($100 off the regular price) in the Sky Blue color only (shown above). If you're good with that, they offer excellent balanced sound, very effective active noise cancellation and on-board controls. You'll also get benefits in the Apple ecosystem like simple pairing and spatial audio. They also deliver solid battery life. We've seen a lower price at Woot, but returns and purchases are more straightforward with Amazon, and it's still a significant discount.

Buy Apple AirPods Max at Amazon - $449

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