Apple’s Vision Pro headset may not come with a top strap in the box

The company could sell the band as an optional accessory.

Photo by Cherlynn Low/Engadget

When Engadget Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar previewed the Vision Pro in early June, the prototype unit he tried featured an extra velcro strap not seen in any of Apple’s promotional material. At the time, a company spokesperson told him that the handset would support additional straps if necessary.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple created the strap, which goes over the wearer’s head, after some employees complained the Vision Pro felt “too heavy” after a couple of hours of use. In a move that feels reminiscent of the company’s decision to sell the Pro Display XDR’s stand as a separate $999 purchase, Apple is reportedly considering selling the strap as an optional accessory rather than including it in the box.

Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as Apple said Vision Pro would “start” at $3,499 when it arrives in 2024, but considering most previews mentioned the headset's weight as a potential concern, it feels strange to hear the company won't go out of its way to ensure consumers have a comfortable experience out of the box.

Given the Vision Pro’s hefty price, you might think the company will market the device only to developers, but Apple seems intent on selling it to consumers as well. Gurman reports the company plans to create dedicated areas within its retail stores where people will have the chance to demo the device. He adds Apple has developed an iPhone app that its retail workers will use to scan a customer’s face so that they can ensure the person leaves the store with the correctly sized bands and light seal for their headset.

With the Vision Pro not slated to go on sale until early next year, the headset could arrive as late as May 2024, giving Apple almost a year to alter its plans. In the meantime, Gurman says the company has already reassigned some employees to work on a more affordable headset and a second-generation Vision Pro.