Arturia's KeyStep 37 is a $199 MIDI controller with scale and strum modes

It will keep you in tune while you experiment.


Arturia's KeyStep family is getting a bit bigger with the announcement of the KeyStep 37. The new $199 controller fits in between the $149 KeyStep and $449 KeyStep Pro.

As you might have guessed from its name, it features 37 velocity-sensitive slimkeys with aftertouch, giving it five more keys than the already hefty KeyStep. Another thing it has over its sibling is a set of LED indicators above each key to provide you with a visual aid while playing notes and chords.

A lot of people love the original KeyStep for its capable but easy-to-use sequencer. Arturia's latest controller takes a don't fix it if it ain't broke approach to that aspect of the KeyStep's design. Like its sibling, the KeyStep 37 is a 64-step sequencer with eight-note polyphony per step. It gives you eight slots to program custom patterns. It also comes with a scale mode, allowing you to choose from five different scales, including one of which you can define, to keep you playing in key.

What you won't find on the KeyStep 37 is a drum sequencer — that's something you need to upgrade to the more expensive KeyStep Pro to get. There's also no metronome, and you're limited to a single MIDI out port. However, new to the KeyStep 37 is a strum feature that allows you to break up the notes you're playing. The nifty thing here is you can change the direction of the strum, as well as adjust how long each strum takes.

The KeyStep 37 is available to pre-order today from Arturia's website. The company will start shipping out orders on September 15th.