Select Nintendo Labo kits are $20 today at Best Buy

Included in the sale are the usually $70 Variety and Vehicle kits.

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

If you’re a parent and want to give your kids something creative to do the next time they play with their Switch, Best Buy is holding a well-timed sale on Nintendo Labo kits. The retailer has discounted all four Labo kits it stocks to $20. At the moment, the Variety and Vehicle kits are the best value since they’re usually $70 and they allow you to build a good selection of projects. With the Variety kit, for instance, you can make a house, piano, motorbike, fishing rod and two RC cars.

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit $20 Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit $20

Just note that the kits are on sale for today only. Best Buy has also marked each of the products for clearance, so supplies may be limited.

Engadget Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar loved the concept of Labo when he reviewed the Variety and Robot kits in 2018. While he found some of the games you could play with your cardboard creations simplistic, he enjoyed the variety of the experiences each one offered. Building each of the projects was also a lot of fun. We were less fond of the VR kit that Nintendo released last year. While the headset itself was comfortable and studier than Nintendo’s past Labo releases, the lack of a head strap was annoying. We also didn’t find the VR updates to games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild compelling. At $20, however, all the kits are easier to recommend, especially at a time like this.

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