Bird releases more affordable, foldable Air electric scooter for $599

The Bird Air is a custom design from the mobility company.


If the premium Bird One is overkill for your transportation needs, Bird has a more reasonably priced electric scooter in store. The mobility company has released a custom-made Bird Air e-scooter that offers just a few frills for a not-too-outlandish $599. The foldable design is the clear selling point and makes sense for city commutes, but it also boasts “never-flat” tires and an aluminum frame that’s reportedly tough enough to hold up under everyday use.

You can expect a moderate 16MPH top speed and up to 16 miles of range. It’s not as long-lasting as the 25-mile One, then, but it should cover a downtown trip.

The Air is available now in the US through Target, and will reach the official Bird store in the “coming days.” International availability starts sometime in November.

The new scooter fills a large gap in Bird’s lineup and makes it considerably more accessible if you want a two-wheeler of your own instead of renting. For Bird, it’s also a defense against changes in the e-scooter world. It can be cheaper to buy a low-cost scooter outright than to keep renting Bird’s machines for regular trips. The Air ensures that Bird gets at least some of your money, even if it misses out on rentals going forward.

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