Blizzard confirms 'Warcraft' is coming to mobile this year

But it has yet to reveal more details and a concrete timeline.

Activision Blizzard

In its press release for its fourth quarter 2021 financial results, Activision Blizzard has revealed that it has plans to release Warcraft for mobile sometime this year. Company CEO Bobby Kotick told investors a year ago that the developer made "multiple, mobile, free-to-play Warcraft experiences" that were already in advanced development back then. Blizzard has yet to reveal more detailed information about the games and a more concrete timeline, so it's unclear if its release plans include all those experiences or just few.

The only part of the company's earnings results that mentions the franchise on mobile reads:

"Blizzard is planning substantial new content for the Warcraft franchise in 2022, including new experiences in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and getting all-new mobile Warcraft content into players’ hands for the first time."

There have been rumors about a Warcraft mobile game since at least 2017. In 2018, reports came out that Blizzard was working on a mobile entry for the franchise that will be similar to Pokémon Go, which presumably means that it's an augmented reality title. According to a Kotaku report, it was being developed by an "incubation" team that was formed when co-founder Allen Adham returned to the company 2016. The team was also behind mobile game Diablo Immortal that's coming out this year, as well.