Bose adds swipe volume controls to its QuietComfort and Sport Earbuds

One-touch Spotify access comes to the Bose 700 headphones too.

Billy Steele / Engadget

If you recently picked up a pair of Bose’s QuietComfort or Sport Earbuds, you’ve probably noticed you can’t adjust the volume by tapping on your new headphones. That was one of our major gripes with the former when we got a chance to review them. Thankfully, Bose has gone ahead and addressed that issue.

This week, the company updated its Bose Music app to add the much-requested feature. But there are two things about the implementation to keep in mind. To start, you’ll first need to dig into the Bose Music app and toggle the relevant setting; on-device volume controls aren’t enabled by default. Moreover, once you do turn them on, you’ll only be able to access them by tapping on the right earbud.

You can download the update from the App and Google Play stores. As part of the same update, Bose has also added one-touch access to its 700 noise-cancelling headphones. Simply tap and hold the right cup, to interact with Spotify.

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