GM starts producing the Cadlllac Lyriq EV ahead of schedule

Orders will resume on May 19th.

Wade Payne for General Motors

It's all too common for electric vehicle makers to delay releases, but GM claims it's bucking the trend. The company says it has started production of the Cadillac Lyriq at its Spring Hill, Tennessee plant about nine months ahead of the initial schedule. GM didn't say how many of the sold-out reservations for the luxury crossover translated to real purchases, but it will take more orders for the Lyriq starting May 19th. The EV is due to reach dealers in the first half of the year.

The Lyric is Cadillac's first EV, and the first passenger vehicle to use GM's Ultium platform beyond the Hummer EV. It won't be as brawny as the Hummer with its estimate 340HP motor system, but it's expected to net 300-plus miles of range and 190kW fast charging at compatible stations. You can also anticipate plenty of tech, including a 33-inch OLED screen and Super Cruise hands-free highway driving. More importantly, the Lyriq will start at $59,990 — still not cheap, but it's far more affordable than the $79,995 minimum you'll pay for the Hummer.

The Lyriq doesn't quite represent the next generation of mainstream GM EVs. For that, you'll have to wait until Chevy's electric Silverado ($39,900) and Equinox (roughly $30,000). It does serve as a bridge between the Hummer and more affordable models, though, and it's certainly easier to justify for those that don't need the Hummer's off-roading abilities.