Call of Duty: Mobile's $1 million esports tournament starts April 30th

If you're ranked veteran or higher, you can compete for the world championship.

Activision/TiMi Studios

Call of Duty: Mobile players will soon have the chance to compete for world championship glory. Activision announced an esports tournament that gets underway next week with more than $1 million in prizes on the line.

You'll need to be ranked veteran or higher in multiplayer to take part in the open online qualifiers, which take place between April 30th and May 24th. If you earn at least 80 points across your first ten ranked games each weekend, you’ll progress to stage two.

To keep things on a level playing field, players won't be able to use any external input devices such as a controller or mouse and keyboard (unless officials grant an exemption), or run the game on a desktop emulator. This is almost exclusively a touchscreen tournament.

Activision will reveal more details about prize money and the format for the second stage of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship tournament in the coming weeks. All eligible players will earn in-game rewards for registering and playing each weekend.