Some Canon cameras can now upload images straight to Google Photos

Forget all of those cables and SD card adapters.

Engadget / Steve Dent

Despite all of the advancements in camera tech, backing up photos from a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera can still be a hassle. The process often involves cables to plug in your camera or adapters to get photos from an SD card. Google and Canon want to change this. Beginning today, Canon users can upload pictures and video right from their cameras to Google Photos via WiFi.

In order to transfer files directly to Google Photos, you’ll need a few things: the latest version of the app (on Android or iOS), a compatible Canon camera and a Google One membership. To promote the new capability, Google is offering Canon users one month of Google One for free -- that comes with up to 100 GB of cloud storage, as well as other benefits.

This should save users a few steps, including the need to first transfer photos to your phone or computer. This convenience may help some justify the high price of Canon’s most recent gear, like the $3,899 EOS R5 and the $2,499 R6. But it’s probably still a good idea to backup photos on a device. Canon’s cloud photo storage site recently lost photo and video images, and Canon was hit by a supposedly unrelated ransomware attack.