Casio's new G-Shock watch is inspired by NASA's eye-catching orange spacesuits

It's now available for $170.


Casio has launched a new G-Shock model with a bold color that would look instantly familiar to space fans. It takes its eye-catching hue from the iconic orange suits astronauts wear for the ascent and entry portions of their flight so that they could be easily spotted by rescue teams in case their spacecraft has to bail out into the ocean. On the watch's official product page, G-Shock wrote that the black dial of the watch represents the black visor on the helmets astronauts wear with the suit, while the thin blue line on the dial mimics the suits' blue accents.

In addition, the watch's band loop is adorned by an American flag and the back of its casing features the engraving of an astronaut. Even its packaging is on-theme: The watch comes in a tin can and a box that also feature elements of NASA's "pumpkin suits."

As collectSPACE notes, NASA introduced the vivid spacesuits following the Challenger tragedy in the 80's, and they had gone through several iterations since then. The latest version is the Orion Crew Survival System, which had been optimized for comfort, comes in more than one size and was designed to be easier to connect to the communications system.

That Casio would release a new G-Shock watch based on a NASA spacesuit doesn't come as a surprise. It has a long history with the agency, with G-Shock being one of the few timepieces NASA has approved for use on the space shuttle and aboard the ISS. In fact, this is the third NASA-branded G-Shock model it has released, following an all-white and a black-and-white watch adorned with the red NASA logo known as "the worm."

This orange watch, however, is more expensive than its predecessors and will set buyers back $170. It's only available for a limited time and can be purchased from Casio's website.

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