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Chrome could improve your battery life by taking requests from websites

Sites could tell your laptop to shut off features.

Ali Balikci/Anadolu Agency

Google isn’t done finding ways to wring more battery life out of Chrome. TheWindowsClub has discovered that Google is experimenting with a meta tag that would let websites switch on energy-saving features. They could reduce the frame rate, slow down script execution or otherwise tone things down to help your laptop run a little while longer. It could react to user preferences or even the state of your machine, such as a low battery.

This could be particularly helpful if you want to keep your system alive during a long video call, or to prevent web apps from consuming too much energy when speed isn’t of the essence.

This is an Origin Trial feature that wouldn’t be formally tested until Chrome 86 or 87, and it would still depend on sites using the tag. It could be a long while before you see this in action, assuming it makes the cut. If it reaches the standard browser, though, it could go a long way toward shaking Chrome’s reputation as a battery hog.