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Google now offers a cheaper, 1080p version of the Chromecast with Google TV

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Chromecast with Google TV (HD) offers 1080p HDR and a remote for $30
Steve Dent
Steve Dent|@stevetdent|September 22, 2022 9:00 AM

Confirming rumors, Google has unveiled the Chromecast with Google TV (HD) device that offers features from the $50 4K model at a significantly cheaper $30 price. Unlike the original $35 Chromecast, it comes with a remote control that eliminates the need for a smartphone, though you can control it with a mobile device as well. The other key feature is right there in the name — lower 1080p resolution, albeit with HDR support.

The new device looks nigh-on identical to the 4K model, with an oval shape, short HDMI cable and a USB-C input. As before, it comes with all the popular streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Prime Video, YouTube and others. It supports Stadia games as well, and of course, you can cast compatible Android and iOS apps or mirror your Chrome browser tabs.

There's a Google Assistant button on the remote to control programming, ask questions or control smart home connected devices. Plus, it can be grouped with Nest speakers for multi-room playback around the home via music apps like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Music. 

Back in January, it was rumored that the device could decode high-quality, low-bandwidth AV1 files (the 4K model doesn't currently support that), but there's no word yet on that. It's bound to appeal to buyers on a budget, but many people were hoping for a faster 4K model with more storage instead. Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is now available for $30.

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Google now offers a cheaper, 1080p version of the Chromecast with Google TV