Citroën turned its compact Ami EV into a tiny delivery van

The new Ami Cargo costs $29 per month on a long-term lease.


Citroën's cheap and charming Ami electric vehicle is getting a new van model for urban delivery drivers. As its name implies, the "Ami Cargo" offers room for storage in the same ultra-compact package for the slightly higher (but no less affordable) price of $29 per month. The French car maker made the extra space by replacing the passenger seat with a modular box that can hold over 140 kilos of goods.

Ami Cargo

So, the original two-seater has effectively been transformed into a one-seater, with a clear seperation between the driver's seat and the cargo area. There's also an adjustable floor height and a modular shelf that doubles as a desk. (In case you want to stop during deliveries to take a break or get some work done).

And that's ultimately the Cargo's target audience. Citroën says the "van" is designed with "last-mile delivery service providers" in mind. As retailers like Amazon are turning to sustainable vehicles for their fleets — including micro machines such as rickshaws in India — the new Ami could be a good fit for urban couriers and for food and grocery drop-offs.

Best of all, it doesn't even require a license to drive (at least not in France, where it will probably be used). Of course, there's no reason why teens and adults couldn't use it for shopping and to transport larger possessions, too.

Aside from the extra space, the Cargo is similar to the original Ami in size and performance. It has a 6kW electric motor paired with a 5.5kWh battery under the floor, which allows for a range of 47 miles. The new model measures in at a tiny 2.4 meters by 1.4 meters, making it suitable for city driving, and it has a maximum speed of 28 mph. It's also cheap like its sibling, with prices starting from $7,821 or $29 per month as part of a long-term lease agreement in France. The Ami Cargo is slated to arrive in early June.