Comcast hit download speeds of 6Gbps over cable in a recent ‘10G’ test

It plans to start offering multi-gigabit symmetrical internet services to customers in 2023.

Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

Comcast plans to start running live tests of its 10G multi-gigabit symmetrical internet services later this year before starting to offer it to customers in 2023. The company has been working on ways to boost home internet speeds over the existing cable network over the last couple of years and the final piece of the puzzle appears to be coming together.

The original aim was to hit speeds of speeds of 10Gbps and higher and Comcast is edging closer to that benchmark. It recently tested the last component required to offer 10G- and DOCSIS 4.0-powered multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds across its whole network. In the test, which was conducted with newly designed Full Duplex DOCSIS 4.0 (FDX) amplifiers, engineers achieved download speeds of 6Gbps and upload speeds of 4Gbps "across a complete six-amplifier cascade," according to a press release. The download speed is 50 percent faster than what Comcast was able to reach with 10G tech early last year.

"This architecture is inclusive of the vast majority of the Comcast network and is easily and quickly replicated where network environments may differ," Comcast said. "As a result, the successful test is key to delivering 10G to all Comcast customers."

This month, Comcast started rolling out 2Gbps internet service in four states. However, upload speeds are initially restricted to 200Mbps on the Gigabit 2x plan. When Comcast starts offering 10G services next year, users will theoretically be able to download and upload files at multi-gigabit speeds. The company aims to provide the 2Gbps service to more than 50 million US households by the end of 2025.