With 'CrossfireX,' Remedy does its best Call of Duty impression

We got a first look at the game's campaign component.

Remedy Entertainment

At Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, we got a new look at Crossfire X. If the game doesn’t ring a bell, what you need to know is that Remedy Entertainment, best known for its work on the Max Payne series and more recently Control, is crafting the game’s singleplayer component. The trailer Microsoft showed off was a stylish, globe-trotting affair. Crossfire X’s campaign will see players visit locales across Asia and South America. At one point, you’ll gain access to a suit that allows you to turn invisible. All of this will look familiar if you’ve played a Call of Duty game anytime in the past decade.

Notably, the game is Remedy’s first swing at a first-person shooter. The studio partnered with Korean developer Smilegate to help bring its popular Crossfire first-person shooter to Xbox. Smilegate is working on the game’s multiplayer component. Crossfire X’s campaign will be available through its Premium Battle Pass later this year.