Cult Australian comedy 'Danger 5' resurrected as an Audible podcast

Let's get down to the biscuits.


Danger 5, the Australian cult comedy, has come back from the dead as an eight-part podcast series for Audible. The parody, which aired down under in 2012 and 2015, has been revived as Danger 5: Stereo Adventures. Deadline is reporting that the eponymous quintet will find themselves fighting new enemies in cool places like Dracula’s beach party and battling a city-sized cat.

The original series was set during the second world war, although owed much of its look and feel to the ITC adventure shows of the 1960s. It depicted the crew, led by the eagle-headed Colonel Chestbridge, fighting Adolf Hitler as he embarked upon a series of madcap schemes. The second run transported the crew to the ’80s, parodying low-budget action schlock of the era.

Stereo Adventures features the original cast and crew, including the return of Aldo Mignone, who played cocktail-obsessed Pierre only in the first series. It’s not clear how the show will work in an audio-only format, given that much of the jokes were serviced by the intentionally crummy production design, visual effects and (badly) overdubbed sound. But, you know what? We’re here for it.

This isn’t the first property that has been revived in audio-only form. A number of British shows, including Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and The Prisoner have been revived by Big Finish productions. And even Marvel has experimented with the form, producing Wolverine: The Long Night for Stitcher Premium.