Deezer now has an analytics app for podcasters

You can see podcast stats, audience demographics and more.


Streaming service Deezer has launched a dedicated analytics app for podcast creators, joining other podcasting platforms already offering analytics like Google Podcasts and Stitcher. Deezer is now the only streaming service to offer podcast insights on a mobile app, Deezer Head of Content Frédéric Antelme said in a statement.

Analytics by Deezer organizes your podcast’s information into two tabs: analytics and audience. Analytics shows the podcast’s number of streams, unique listeners, fans and shares of your podcast, as well as the total and peak listening time. You can also see the best performing episode and duration of listening time. The audience tab shows the age and gender of your fans, along with who’s listening on desktop, mobile or web. Before now, Deezer did not offer in-house audience insights.

While Deezer is a successful streaming platform with 16 million active monthly users, it heretofore hasn’t been known as an app for podcast creators. Deezer will have to make big moves if it wants to reach the status of Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and perhaps offering detailed analytics will help more creators use the platform. . Analytics by Deezer is available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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