Dell's new Latitude 9000 laptops feature an automatic webcam shutter

The SafeShutter syncs with video conferencing apps.


Dell has revealed the latest additions to its laptop and PC lines ahead of CES 2021, and one of the new features for the Latitude 9000 series computers could help make you feel more secure if you’re working or studying from home. The Latitude 9420 and 9520 laptops come with a feature called SafeShutter. Dell says it’s the industry’s first automatic webcam shutter, which can open or close on its own by syncing with video conferencing applications. No need to put a tape over your laptop camera anymore, so long as you don’t forget when you’re on a video call. In addition, the new 9000 series laptops have secure mic and mute keys.


As you can guess, the new models will also feature a processor upgrade and be powered by 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors. Details for the 9520 are scarce at this point, but Dell has revealed that the 9420 comes with more enhancements for the work-from-home era. It has better built-in speakers than its predecessors’ and camera enhancements that enable automatic light correction and background blur. You can get the new 9000 series laptops in either a clamshell or a 2-in-1 configuration, with the latter having 5G or 4G LTE and eSIM options. The Latitude 9420 will be available in the spring with prices starting at $1,949 — Dell will release the Latitude 9520’s availability and pricing in the spring, as well.

If you want a laptop with a big screen, Dell has also launched the Latitude 7520 with a 15-inch 4K UHD display and an optional full high-definition camera. Meanwhile, the new Latitude 5000 series and Precision 3560 PCs now use bioplastic from tree waste. Their lids have 21 percent bioplastic content as a step towards achieving Dell’s moonshot goal to have half of its products’ content be made of recycled materials by 2030. The new Latitude 5420 and Precision 3560 laptops will be available on January 12th with prices starting at $1,049 and $1,189, respectively.

Finally, Dell has also refreshed its OptiPlex PC line with the 3090 Ultra, an affordable option meant for small businesses, which will set you back at least $659. For around a $100 more, with prices starting at $769, you can get the new OptiPlex 7090 Ultra, which supports up to four 4k monitors at once. Both computers will be available on January 28th.

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