Dell's first mini-LED monitor is bright, accurate and $5,000

It also comes with a stand.

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Dell UP3221Q

If you’ve been following the Apple rumor mill in recent months, you’ll know the company reportedly plans to start using mini-LED displays in some of its devices later this year. The tech offers many of the same benefits as OLED, including high contrast ratios and wide color gamut support, without the danger of burn-in. Those traits are what make it compelling for professional use where features like color accuracy are in high demand. So it’s no surprise that the tech is starting to make its way into professional-grade monitors.  

Alongside new 24- and 34-inch displays with USB-C connectivity and three new P-series monitors, Dell announced the UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor or UP3221Q on Tuesday. The company says it’s the world’s first monitor with 2,000 mini-LED backlit dimming zones. With 99.8 percent DCI-P3 and 93 percent Adobe RGB color gamut coverage, as well as VESA-certified HDR 1000 support, the UP3221Q’s 4K IPS panel should make any creative happy. 

It also comes factory calibrated out of the box and features a built-in colorimeter from Calman. But if you swear by your X-Rite Colormunki, there’s a USB-A port at the front of the display that allows you to easily connect an external colorimeter. One of the other handy features of the UP3221Q is a Picture-by-Picture mode that allows you to connect two computers to the monitor and display content from both simultaneously. You can even set the two sources to different color spaces at the same time. 

The UP3221Q will set you back an eye-watering $5,000. But given that reference-grade monitors can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, Dell’s latest monitor has a lot going for it. It even compares favorably against Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which starts at $5,000. Dell’s monitor also has the added advantage that you don’t need to buy a separate stand. You can purchase it starting on November 5th. 

Dell Slim Soundbar

For those who don’t have an extra $5,000 in the bank, the company also announced a nifty new soundbar that you can magnetically attach to some of its monitors to create a clean audio setup. At launch, the peripheral is compatible with Dell’s U2421E, P2721Q, P3221D and P3421W displays. You can buy the Slim Soundbar starting today for $55. 

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